Upper School

The Upper School program is an innovative solution to supporting students as they transition from elementary school to the increased independence of middle school. All fifth graders will participate in this program. Some fourth grade students will also participate based on enrollment as well as individual abilities.

The school day will provide a balance of academic inquiry and opportunities for movement and creativity. Students in the Upper School will spend the morning in their homerooms studying core subjects such as reading, writing, social studies, math, and science. Students will gain proficiency with a variety of technologies ranging from word processing to Web skills as they learn to express themselves and explore their world. After lunch, students will participate in “studios,” which consist of a variety of additional requirements and electives. Requirements include physical education, art, and music, as well as opportunities for extra academic support. Electives will vary based on the interests of each group, but may include opportunities for focused study such as: orchestra, advanced art, guitar, community service, gardening, dance, and more!

Students’ academic work will be organized using a “contract” (similar to a syllabus) with a menu of assignments. Students will learn to schedule their time as they work to complete assignments according to interests and abilities. The faculty encourages students to strive for excellence in all core areas and fosters independence as students learn important research skills and take responsibility for independent follow-up assignments. Educators will support this independence with individualized lessons and supplementary materials to engage and empower all learners. There will also be time for exercises in leadership and community building such as class meetings, peer mentoring, and community service.

The best way to learn more about our upper school program is to visit the learning environment classroom pages (LE 1, LE 2, LE 3), which will be posted by the beginning of school. To do this, look above at the tool bar and click on the “parents” link. There will be a drop down menu – choose “LE CLASS PAGES”. You will be able to view the class Web pages of all the learning environments. While we collaborate closely, each class is unique. Just as various groups are unique in the real world, so are our learning environments. We embrace our differences and work in harmony!